If you work the method the method works...

Want to stress less? 

The Mindfully Happy Method is your step-by-step guide to a calmer, mindful and happier you. With the right tools, and yes, all important action, we can thrive. 

Join the many hundreds of busy people who have super-boosted their wellbeing with this practical, accessible and inspiring course. 

The program is designed to give you all the tools you need to swiftly and easily bring the joy of mindful awareness to your life, de-stress and help you find some inner peace. The course is broken into 6 phases and I, Frances Trussell, walk you through each step. 

As a special bonus (in addition to the 6 phases of the main course) you get 2x 30min 1-1 Sessions with me over Zoom for bespoke help, advice and accountability PLUS direct email access to myself and the team so you can feel personally supported on this exciting journey. 

Suitable for beginners and also great for those wanting to refresh and get back on track with mindfulness or incorporate mindful approaches into their professional work. 

Over 6 sessions you will learn how to: 

  • Live mindfully and thrive 
  • Get more from everyday life
  • Master meditation 
  • Reduce stress
  • Increase resilience 
  • Decrease worry cycles
  • Overcome overthinking
  • Induce the relaxation response
  • Quiet the inner critic 

Course Requirements:

You don't need any previous experience, just an open mind, a willingness to give it a go and an intention to 'work the method' by implementing the practices for the duration of the course. This way we take information and turn it into the transformation you want and deserve; leaving you with more calm, clarity, presence and less stress!

The course is designed for the real world where time is often in short supply - as such videos are bite-sized and the accompanying meditation audios are at varying lengths (starting at just 5 minutes) so you can use the resources in a way that best fits for you. You can go at your own pace and move back and forth within the program - there's no time limit. Many people choose to space the sessions out a week apart while implementing the practices in between, alternatively some people, particularly those refreshing existing knowledge, choose to use the course more intensively over a series of consecutive days. If you choose to complete a chapter in one sitting you'll usually need around an hour, just for our initial chapter you'll need slightly longer (1.5hrs). In addition there are a range of supporting materials, worksheets and bonus videos as well as the collection of meditation audios to progress through, all designed to be comprehensive enough to get you where you want to be without overwhelm. 

Why Choose the Mindfully Happy Method?

If you work the method the method works...

  • Reliable tools and techniques to feel less stressed from your very first session!

  • Tailored to you with two 30-minute 1-1 'tune up' Sessions over Zoom for bespoke help, advice and accountability with expert Frances - giving you a unique experience

  • Digestible 'no-faff' videos that get to the heart of mindful living in the most accessible way

  • Track record of hundreds of clients living happier lives with more focus, calm and joy in the everyday

  • Designed to fit your life - accompanying meditation recordings ranging from just 5 minutes upwards direct to your phone

  • Yours for keeps - no time limit. The material is yours to revisit for the lifetime of the program.

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Payment Options

Full access to The Mindfully Happy Method Online Program is an investment of just £499, or with our payment plan you can spread the cost. For those wanting a completely bespoke experience limited spaces are available to take the course 1-1 live over Zoom directly with Frances as well as have full access to the online program and all resources.

Hi I'm Frances... 

Mindfulness completely transformed my life - formally I was a 'stress head' irritable and easily upset I felt exhausted much of the time, life felt hard. For years I suffered with anxiety, panic attacks and depression fueled by worry and overthinking. Then I found Mindfulness and very quickly everything changed for me, I fell back in love with life. I became passionate to train and practice at the highest level and to share what I had found in a down-to-earth, fun and honest way. Fast forwards a decade and I've been so fortunate to work with many hundreds (into the thousands now...) of amazing clients and see how these simple tools and techniques when applied can lead to a happier way of being. Don't just take my word for it the science is compelling and you can also check out some of the many reviews of my training too...




You might still have questions on whether this course is right for you? That's understandable - if so let me know what it is you are most hoping to get from the course and I'll let you know (honestly!) if it's the right fit. Just pop the team an email

Please note: Should you have any concerns around your mental health that may affect your suitability to take part in mindfulness practices please do check with your GP prior to commencing the course. Again, we are here to support you so do get in touch with any queries on this.

1-1 Sessions; Need to be booked within 6 months of course purchase. This is to help you stay accountable and get the most from the program. 

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Chapter 1; A New Chapter

    • Start Here - My Story PLUS How to use the course & get the most from it...

    • Chapter 1 Questions and Explorations Sheet to Print

    • Understanding Mindfulness & Mindful Moments

    • Mindfulness Challenge: Bringing Mindfulness into your everyday life - Starting with The Mindful Shower

    • What is Thought?

    • How to Meditate: Meditation Made Simple

    • Posture and Breath: How & Why its so vital. PLUS 7/11 Breathing to Ignite the Relaxation Response

    • Key Concept: Beginners Mind

    • Chapter 1 Meditations: Varying length audios for you to choose from and use until the next chapter

  • 2

    Chapter 2; Stress

    • Chapter 2 Questions and Explorations Sheet To Print

    • Chapter 2 Expanding Our Awareness

    • Understanding Stress

    • Stressors will be stressors but it's our stress

    • Mind The Gap: Our essential tool to turn a reaction into a response

    • In the Moment: Living in The Present

    • Chapter 2 Meditations: Varying length audios for you to choose from and use until the next chapter

  • 3

    Chapter 3; Change, Roles, Mindful Eating, Obstacles and Time!

    • Chapter 3 Questions and Explorations Sheet TO PRINT

    • Chapter 3 Opening Video

    • Resistance to Change

    • Role Stress: how might it be effecting you and your relationships?

    • MIndful Eating

    • Time Pressure

    • Chapter 3 Meditations: Varying length audios for you to choose from and use until the next chapter

  • 4

    Chapter 4; Wanting and Pain

    • Chapter 4 Questions and Explorations Sheet TO PRINT

    • Chapter 4 Start Here: Wanting & Review

    • A Challenge: 5 Things Mindfully

    • The Fist Exercise: Contraction versus Expansion

    • Physical Pain and Scientific Studies

    • Emotional Pain

    • Hand Clapping Exercise: Returning to our senses

    • Chapter 4 Meditations: Varying length audios for you to choose from and use until the next chapter

  • 5

    Chapter 5; Mental Attitude

    • Chapter 5 Questions and Explorations SHEET TO PRINT

    • Chapter 5 Start Here

    • Worry: The What Why & How to Overcome...

    • Bob and The StoryTelling Mind

    • Mental Attitude

    • Come Alive!

    • Mindful Walking

    • Chapter 5 Meditations: Varying length audios for you to choose from and use until the the next chapter

  • 6

    Chapter 6; Bringing it All Together

    • Chapter 6 Questions and Explorations SHEET TO PRINT


    • Chapter 6 Start Here

    • The Ocean In A Drop

    • Let's Reflect

    • Introduction to Satori Zen: The Practice of Presence

    • Meditation to try now: The Practice of Presence

    • One Last Question

    • Meditations Moving Forwards: Audios for your next steps...

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